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Our Single Supercar Blast Experience makes a superb present! As with all our other Supercar Driving Experiences you have the option to have it dispatched as a Gift Voucher, the difference is it allows the lucky recipient to choose themselves which Supercar they wish to drive!

The Single Supercar Blast includes a demonstration lap (Instructor driving either a 4×4 or saloon car) and in-car briefing followed by 2 laps driving any one of a choice of the following Supercars:

Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Gallardo, Jaguar F-type, Porsche 997 Turbo, Ariel Atom!

Once the driver has recovered from their excitement, as a memento we will present to the driver a Certificate of Supercar Driving Experience to remind them of their day with us!

A really innovative present and great fun!

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    One Lap Supercar Taster

  • £59.00

    Single Supercar Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD

  • £79.00

    Supercar Double Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD

  • £99.00

    Supercar Treble Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD

  • £129.00

    Supercar Four Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD

  • £159.00

    Supercar Five Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD

  • £179.00

    Supercar Six Blast – WEEKDAY – STAFFORD