Fast Car Driving Experiences

Fast car driving experiences are the speciality of 6th Gear Experience. Otherwise known as Supercars, fast cars number around 27 in 6th Gear Experience’ up to date fleet.

Each of 6th Gear’s fast cars has different characteristics that give them their personality so to speak. For example the supercharged Ariel atom has astonishing straight line speed – 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds which really has the lucky driver hanging on to the steering wheel!

The Radical Race car is without doubt the quickest through the corners. Although this is the only fast car that isn’t available to drive, a passenger ‘hot lap’ in this astonishing machine will be remembered literally forever. The Ferrari 458 Italia combines superb cornering and straight line speed and although most certainly a fast car, it is usually described as a top flight Supercar in its own right. Take the Lamborghini Aventador. Another fast car that is without doubt one of the worlds most outrageous Supercars. Combining incredible looks with astonishing all round performance the phrase fast car doesn’t do it justice! Hypercar is probably closer to the mark!


At 6th Gear Experience we also provide race instructor driven ‘Hot Laps’ in fast cars. These provide a simply thrilling experience as the customer becomes the passenger and a vastly experienced race car instructor takes the wheel. Probably the fastest of our fast car fleet is the Radical race car. Piloted by the ex European Radical SR3 champion we have had customers who have literally had to be helped out of the Radical afterwards! Available to buy at a cheap price it is undoubtedly a best seller from 6th Gear Experience and packs a punch for the price that £59 will simply not get you anywhere else!

Any of 6th Gear Experience’ 27 fast cars can be booked either on the event day or pre-booked to be driven by one of our race instructors. It’s a popular choice these days and gives a thrill like nothing else! Whether it’s a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 or indeed an Aston Martin if that someone else in your life prefers to be driven rather than drive themselves then 6th Gear Experience is the company to purchase from.

Safety first is a phrase we of course allude to at 6th Gear Experience. All of 6th Gear Experience’ fast cars are equipped with a brake pedal on the passenger side for the instructor to use in case of an emergency. All 6th Gear Experience’ fast cars come with an instructor too! Sat in the passenger seat our instructors are experienced, friendly and professional. Listen to them and they will provide the driver with an enhanced Supercar Driving Experience that will have the lucky driver grinning from ear to ear!

In a nutshell 6th Gear Experience provide a fast car driving experience second to none and at a great value too!