Gifts of Driving Experience

It’s no secret that the majority of customers that attend a 6th Gear Experience event have been bought it as a gift. Track day gifts or gift experiences have become hugely popular since the dawn of the BBC TV show ‘Top ‘Gear’.

Driving Experience Gifts given as a present for Christmas and birthdays – or indeed any special occasion make an innovative change from a pair of socks or a bottle of aftershave! It’s relatively rare for a customer to have actually purchased the track day for themselves and as just mentioned 6th Gear Experience have made gift experience days something very special.

The range of driving gifts offered by 6th Gear Experience is huge. From a ‘hot’ passenger ride in a Radical race car at £59 to a full ten supercar track day gift costing around £795 there is something for everyone.

Always popular is the Supercar Double thrill which entitles the lucky recipient to drive two supercars from a choice of a total of seven. Rounding that off with a high speed passenger ‘hot lap’ with an instructor driving is awesome and really puts the icing on the cake.

For an extra £5 6th Gear Experience will forward the lucky recipient the Gift Voucher enclosed within a glossy wallet. As a surprise this works well and is always popular at Christmas and birthdays.

Valid for 10 months 6th Gear Experience Gift Vouchers make a fantastic gift for someone very special!

Back in 2008 6th Gear launched its supercar driving experiences for kids. Known as junior supercar driving experiences they became very popular just a year later to the extent that as of 2017 over 20,000 youngsters have driven a supercar with 6th Gear! That is some going! As a driving gift the junior supercar experiences make parents suddenly very popular given the fact their children do actually get to drive a supercar! Equipped with a brake pedal on the passenger side for the instructor to use should the need arises safety is always a priority. Its fairly high on the kudos list for a child to be able to say to his friends that the first car he ever drove was a Lamborghini!

And available now as experience gifts direct from 6th Gear Experience!