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Supercar Driving Experiences at Stafford Driving Centre

Stafford Driving Centre, Clanford Road, Seighford, Stafford, ST18 9PF

For all Stafford Driving Experiences, the track we use is 1.1 miles long.

The track is located in the Midlands within the heart of the country.

Stafford Driving Centre provides easy access for anyone coming for our driving experiences from all over the country.

The track consists of 2 main straights, 2 chicanes and 2 hairpin bends. The track is ideal if you want to put your foot down.

These supercar driving experience vouchers consist of driving at Stafford Driving Centre.

We are bringing to you our top supercar driving experiences, which are of outstanding value!

This is a unique opportunity for you to drive some of the world’s top supercars.

You choose to drive just one or all of them for the ultimate driving experience.

Put our supercars to the test as you drive around Stafford Driving Centre – the perfect place to for a driving experience.

Number of Cars Taster Up to 3 laps Experience Up to 6 laps Extended Experience Up to 9 laps
1 £39Buy Now £59Buy Now £79Buy Now
2 £59Buy Now £99Buy Now £129Buy Now
3 £89.00Buy Now £149Buy Now £199Buy Now
4 £119Buy Now £199Buy Now £279Buy Now
5 £149Buy Now £249Buy Now £349Buy Now
6 £179Buy Now £299Buy Now £419Buy Now