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Supercar Driving Experiences at Anglesey Circuit

Anglesey Racing Circuit (Trac Mon), Ty Croes, Anglesey, North Wales, LL63 5TF

For all Anglesey Driving Experiences, we use the National Circuit.

Anglesey Circuit is an international race track set on the isle of Anglesey.

The track we use is is around around 1.2 miles long and is mainly used for all aspects of motor racing.

It is one of the best racing circuits and extremely technical offering some of the most iconic bends in the UK.

The 1.2 mile National Circuit incorporates the only remaining section of the original Anglesey Circuit.

School Corner is rated by many drivers and motoring journalists as one of the most demanding high speed corners currently in use in Britain and Ireland.

For this reason, this section has been incorporated into an ideal layout, maintaining all the characteristics of the original circuit which were so popular, together with a longer lap distance, improved surface, width and run-off areas.

The circuit is arguably one of the best shorter circuits in the UK. It is extremely technical offering two long straights, the fast, sweeping School corner leading up to Rocket.

These supercar driving experience vouchers consist of driving at Anglesey Racing Circuit.

We are bringing to you our top supercar driving experiences, which are of outstanding value!

This is a unique opportunity for you to drive some of the world’s top supercars, whether you choose to drive just one or all of them for the ultimate driving experience.

Put our supercars to the test as you drive around the Anglesey Race Circuit – the perfect place to for a driving experience.

Number of Cars Taster Up to 3 laps Experience Up to 6 laps Extended Experience Up to 9 laps
1 £49Buy Now £69Buy Now £89Buy Now
2 £69Buy Now £109Buy Now £139Buy Now
3 £99Buy Now £159Buy Now £199Buy Now
4 £129Buy Now £209Buy Now £259Buy Now
5 £159Buy Now £259Buy Now £319Buy Now
6 £189Buy Now £309Buy Now £379Buy Now