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Dunsfold Park Circuit

Dunsfold Park (Top Gear Track)


Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8HY

Track information:

Built by the Canadian Army, and commanded by the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1942-1944 the aerodrome was used for military use. After the war, Dunsfold became one of the largest aerodromes for production and testing of planes including York, Lancastrian, Skymaster and Dove. British Aerospace (the then owners of Dunsfold) announced the closure of the aerodrome for restructuring in June 1999. In 2002, British Aerospaces’ successors (BAE Systems) sold Dunsfold to The Rutland Group, who created Dunsfold Park Ltd. Since then, the venue has been used to film scenes from “Come Fly With Me”, “Casino Royale”, “Red 2” and “London Has Fallen”. The track has also, most famously, been used as the site of Top Gear, the runway is now a test track. The layout of the circuit was designed by Lotus test drivers and is marked on the run way using painted lines and structures such as tyre tracks. There are 2 layouts of the circuit. The figure 8 is used for the filming of Top Gear, however we run on the outer circuit. This layout is designed to give a mix of low and high speed corners plus a range of straights to allow you to enjoy a top of the range Supercar experience. Not only will you be given the opportunity to drive on a variation of the track used for Top Gear, but also you will drive past the famous Boeing 747-200 used in the film Casino Royale. Dunsfold is the perfect track if you are looking for something to do in the South!